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Numinous London


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Numinous Packs


Numinous Packs are designed to combat the darker side of travelling, leaving you to truly enjoy what the world has to offer.

Numinous Packs protect you from the dreaded pirate buses, electronic identity theft, dodgy dorm room theft, shady smugglers at border crossings, and everyday street pickpockets.

Our rucksacks are fully secured with TSA Accepted combination locks, Anti-slash Technology™ body, and a Numinous Shield System™ allowing you to lock your main rucksack to your dorm room bed (or any other fixed object) leaving your possessions safe and secure; giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your belongings, passport, travel documents and money are safe while you take the detachable day sack out for a day of snorkelling, sightseeing, or just chilling on the beach!

Biometric Fingerprint Lock
Numinous LondonTM products feature the latest Bio-metric fingerprint technology, simply place your finger on the bio-metric element to gain access to your belongings. The device allows you to add up to 100 additional fingerprints giving you the option to add friends or family members.

Puncture Resistant Zips
All the main zips on your Numinous LondonTM products include our puncture resistant zips, meaning they are stronger and more secure than regular zips and help to prevent unauthorised access from pen or tool attack.

Integrated Weighing Scales
In-built into your Numinous LondonTM SMART case are weighing scales, simply turn on the display on the side of your case, gently tip on to its feet and get the weight of your case before you get to the airport. No more overweight fees, or frantically trying to lighten the load at an airport check in desk.

Smart Device Charger
Engineered for integration, our SMART device chargers come in a very slim design and cable with DashboardTM USB ports, this can provide days or weeks of partial smartphone / tablet charges or up to several complete charges. These lightweight units provide a lot of power in a very compact form.

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Smart, Secure, Luggage

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