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Numinous Packs, Anti-Theft Backpacks with TSA Approved Locks

Gap Year Backpack

Numinous Backpacks the essential Gap Year backpack that provides unrivalled security for Gap Year backpackers, avoiding every traveller's nightmare of being thousands of miles away from home with nothing but the clothes they are wearing.

The Numinous Backpacks offers Gap Year Travellers a layered security system which will deter potential thieves stealing the bag or removing the contents, leaving Gap Year travellers to explore and enjoy their travels, safe in the knowledge all their documents and personal belongings are completely safe. 

Items will remain safe in the Numinous Backpack as it cannot be cut open by potential thieves thanks to Kevlar anti slash technology, the same material used in anti-stab vests. There is also a patented Kevlar zip protection system which means no one can gain access to belongings inside the Numinous Backpack.

Thieves will also be deterred from taking the Backpack as the Numinous Backpacks retractable combination lock system allows Gap Year travellers to securely attach the Numinous Backpacks to a fixed object such as a bunk bed. 

Numinous Backpacks founder Jason Lowe came up with the idea for the backpacks after one of his trips abroad as a student was ruined when he fell victim to theft. 

"I travelled to many countries during my university years and had some fantastic experiences. Sadly one of my trips was ruined when my rucksack was stolen from my hostel," he said. "The experience left me feeling insecure and vulnerable, not to mention annoyed at the expense of replacing my belongings. Since then whenever I travel, always at the back of my mind is the security of my belongings. The bad experience led me to come up with the idea for the Numinous Backpacks one day whilst I was sat on Maya Beach in Thailand."

Available from all good retailers and Amazon.

Numinous [adj.]

Origin: Latin

Describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted - the powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired.

About Numinous

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TSA Lock

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