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Numinous Packs - Anti-Theft Backpacks and Rucksacks

Numinous Blog backpack review

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Numinous Backpacks Review by Grant Olsin from

Numinous is a British company that makes travel/adventure packs that are as rugged as tanks. Specifically designed to be theft-resistant, they boast lots of innovative features. And the very things that make them perfect for international travel also make them a great addition to your next winter adventure. The most impressive thing is that even with all the technology incorporated into these packs, they don't weigh much more than a regular pack.

For starters, the 65L Rucksack is made with Kevlar. The outer material has an extremely high tensile strength to weight ratio that keeps it lightweight while still ensuring your gear is protected from the elements. Basically, it can take a serious beating and still come home intact.

Of course, even the toughest fabric is only as strong as the zippers that traverse it. The zips on the 65L Rucksack are puncture proof and definitely elevate the protection level. Add in features like compression straps, full-length opening, padded lumbar support and adjustable back panel, and you've got a bag that is strong and versatile enough to take anywhere.

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Flying Dutch Girl Review

It's a new year and you may be planning a sabbatical gap year in 2015. Choosing the right back pack for your needs can be a mind field, do you opt for a trusted name or a new cutting edge type of back pack? The Flying Dutch Girl have recently posted a review about the Numinous 65 and 25 litre back packs highlighting their security features which will keep your belongings safe during your travels. Please check out their review and you can also enter the draw to win 25L+65L backpack valued at £270

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Gap Year Backpack

Numinous Backpacks the essential Gap Year backpack that provides unrivalled security for Gap Year backpackers, avoiding every traveller's nightmare of being thousands of miles away from home with nothing but the clothes they are wearing.

The Numinous Backpacks offers Gap Year Travellers a layered security system which will deter potential thieves stealing the bag or removing the contents, leaving Gap Year travellers to explore and enjoy their travels, safe in the knowledge all their documents and personal belongings are completely safe. 

Items will remain safe in the Numinous Backpack as it cannot be cut open by potential thieves thanks to Kevlar anti slash technology, the same material used in anti-stab vests. There is also a patented Kevlar zip protection system which means no one can gain access to belongings inside the Numinous Backpack.

Thieves will also be deterred from taking the Backpack as the Numinous Backpacks retractable combination lock system allows Gap Year travellers to securely attach the Numinous Backpacks to a fixed object such as a bunk bed. 

Numinous Backpacks founder Jason Lowe came up with the idea for the backpacks after one of his trips abroad as a student was ruined when he fell victim to theft. 

"I travelled to many countries during my university years and had some fantastic experiences. Sadly one of my trips was ruined when my rucksack was stolen from my hostel," he said. "The experience left me feeling insecure and vulnerable, not to mention annoyed at the expense of replacing my belongings. Since then whenever I travel, always at the back of my mind is the security of my belongings. The bad experience led me to come up with the idea for the Numinous Backpacks one day whilst I was sat on Maya Beach in Thailand."

Available from all good retailers and Amazon.

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Backpack for Gap Year Travelling

Finding the right Gap year backpack has to be a must for a sabbatical of travelling, adventure, education and lots of overseas life experiences. Lets face it, you don't want to be dragging a suitcase around whilst exploring the Daintree Rainforest in Australia or the bustling streets of Bangkok. Your thinking needs to be more ruthless than it would be for a package holiday to Ibiza for example, be prepared!
Are your possessions going to be safe during a gap year trip? What valuables will you take during your gap year trip, how can a backpack protect them? According to a recent survey, the average belongings of a typical gap year traveller are worth in the excess of £1,500, so don't be a casualty of crime!
Numinous Backpacks is an ideal travel companion for gap year travellers, we know first hand, our team have experienced the coach pirates & thieves in recent years. The Numinous gap year backpack is designed for such an adventure but with your security in mind. Our gap year backpacks embrace 4 important security features to safe-guard your processions during your travels;
1. Anti-slash Kevlar material - Avoid forced entry with your gap year backpack with sharp objects.
2. Numinous Shield Protection - Lock / fix your gap year backpack to a fixed object such as a radiator whilst out for the day.
3. Anti-puncture zip security - Did you know many zips provided for travel luggage including backpacks can be forced openedt with just a pen!
4. Lock your gap year backpack zip with TSA approved locks. Not only does Numinous gap year backpacks come with a 3 digit combination lock, they are also TSA approved, meaning no forced entry from airport security.
A gap year adventure is suppose to be fun and enjoyable but lets not be naive, the place of unknown can bring security hazards and choosing the right travel companion may break or make your adventure. Think safety first, then indulge in fun and adventure. Enjoy your sabbatical experience!

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The adventure begins

We have found ourselves in an interesting variety of situations whilst experiencing the world; some good and some bad. Numinous Packs are designed to combat the darker side of travelling, leaving you to truly enjoy what the world has to offer.

Numinous Packs protect you from the dreaded pirate buses, electronic identity theft, dodgy dorm room theft, shady smugglers at border crossings, and everyday street pickpockets.

Our rucksacks are fully secured with combination locks, slash proof with our Kevlar super material body, and a security system allowing you to lock your main rucksack to your dorm room bed (or any other fixed object) leaving your
possessions safe and secure; giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your belongings, passport, travel documents and money are safe while you take the detachable day sack out for a day of snorkelling, sightseeing, or just chilling on the beach!

Our mission is to provide gap year students, global travellers and adventure seekers with high quality, fashionable, safe and secure rucksacks which meet their specific needs. We aim to prevent our co-travellers from falling victim to crime and loss of possessions.

But most of all, we aim to promote carpe diem as a way of life!
"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."
- Mahatma Gandhi

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Numinous Packs mission

Our mission is to provide gap year students, global travelers and adventure seekers with high quality, fashionable, safe and secure rucksacks which meet their specific needs. We aim to prevent our co-travelers from victim of crime and the loss of their possessions. 

Rucksack types
Secure travelling rucksacks, Gap year travelling Rucksacks, Secure lockable rucksacks, Adventure Rucksacks, Wheeled Luggage systems

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Numinous Anit-Theft Backpacks Reviews

Numinous antitheft backpack: Is this the most secure backpack ever?

This backpack review is for all the backpackers and adventurous travellers out there.

I've recently been testing out the Numinous backpack, a super secure backpack perfect for long-term backpackers and flashpackers. I've included flashpackers because as a self confessed flashpacker I know how many gadgets we have so we need somewhere safe to keep them!

Nunminous previously know as Smashii is a new company launched by a guy who had his backpack stolen in Thailand. If you've ever been to Thailand you will have undoubtedly met someone who had their backpack stolen there! But Jason Lowe decided to do something about it. He then came up with the idea of a safer backpack that is difficult to steal or slash. One of the downsides to backpacking and staying in budget accommodation is the high risk of theft. It usually happens in hostels or on public transport and it's almost a guarantee that either you or your travel buddies will have something stolen at some point.

What makes the Smashii Backpack so safe?
The Numinous secure backpack is made from Kevlar, the same material used for anti-stab vests, so it's almost impossible to cut through it. It also has a snazzy zip protection system and retractable wire system allowing you to secure your backpack to a fixed object such as a radiator. The zips and wires are held shut with the Numinous shield combination locks for extra security.

The Numinous backpack comes with an optional 25L detachable daypac with padded laptop and passport pockets. This backpack can be attached to the main backpack.

What other features does Numinous Backpacks have?
TSA secured locks for air travel.
Adjustable Back System - The support straps can be moved to fit your back. Shorter people (like me!) will find this handy.
Padded laptop compartment - I know I already mentioned this but it's so important if you're travelling with your laptop.
Full length opening - Meaning it zips all the way open to access your stuff. I can't stress enough how annoying it is if your backpack opens from the top. Whatever you do, never, ever buy a top loader. My last backpack was a top loader and it drove me insane every single day for two years.

Is the Nuinous Backpack comfortable to carry?
The Numinous backpack is surprisingly comfortable to carry. The backpack is very ridged compared to other backpacks I've tried so I thought it would be uncomfortable but it's actually OK. There is plenty of padding and lots of space to adjust the straps so it fitted pretty well. It also seems to come high above the head so I thought this would feel strange but it doesn't. I wouldn't want to carry this up a mountain or anything but it's fine for your usual backpacker distances provided it isn't too heavy.

What do I like about the backpack?
Obviously, the first thing I love about this backpack is how safe it is. You can buy external things to cover and protect your bag but it's so much easier if it's built it. I feel really uncomfortable leaving my backpack in hostel dorms so I'd feel much more relaxed if everything was safely locked away in this backpack.
It feels very well made and sturdy and none of the straps feel loose or as though they may break.
It opens all the way! (See about to read why I love this)

Overall thoughts
If you're looking for a secure, anti-theft backpack then this is the one for you. If you know you'll be staying in large dorm rooms or taking public transport then security will be an issue for you. I don't want to scare you but backpackers are such easy targets and at some point someone will definitely be eyeing up your possessions. The obvious answer is to minimise your possessions and not have anything worth stealing but this is easier said than done. You'll likely have a tablet, a smartphone and a camera as well as your credit/debit cards and passport. Then there are all your clothes which may not have much value but would be a nightmare to replace.


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Numinous Anit-Theft Backpacks Review

The Numinous Backpack is a new generation of backpacks with seriously beefed up and enhanced security features, for those security conscious gap year traveller or trekker, with the aim of reducing the risk of loss of possessions alongside the traditional role and features of a trusted backpack.

Backpack Specifications
Numinous Backpacks are available in either is a 25 litre, 55 litre, 65 litre or 80 litre with a 25 litre detachable daysack. This size in our opinion is more than adequate for the majority of backpackers to take an entire gap year.

This backpack is unique in that it is made up of cordura, nylon and kevlar, and weighs 1.1 - 5.3 kgs. The daysac backpack weighs an extra 1.1kg.

The backpacks have an adjustable back length of 50 - 60 cms, which is essential to get the right fit for your height. (Any good outdoor shop should be able to measure your back for you or just get a friend with a tape measure.  If this range is a little too big for you (if you are of a petite build for example) you may be better off with a slightly smaller backpack; 55 or 65 litre backpack.

Design wise it is a little different than most traditional backpacks and has a definitive, unique appearance. It is essentially suitcase or holdall type pack with a backpack rig attached, in a way a hybrid of the two types of luggage. Aimed at gap year travellers and backpackers it honestly wouldn't look out of place in a professional or traditional holiday environment either.

I personally don't mind this look at all. It will certainly stand out when you are keeping an eye on it in the cargo hold of a night train or the airport luggage carousel, but next to other backpacks on the banana pancake trail it does look a little strange. This will be down to your own personal tastes though, and I personally think features are more important than appearance, which is where the Numinous backpack comes into it's own.

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Numinous Packs supports UK charity African Childrens Fund

Numinous Packs have joined with UK charity African Childrens Fund to help support & donate for the great work they are doing with African children. For every backpack purchased Numinous Packs will be donating school dinners and breakfasts for African children.

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Numinous [adj.]

Origin: Latin

Describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted - the powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired.

About Numinous

Shield Lock

TSA Lock

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