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Numinous Backpacks, Anti-Theft Backpacks with TSA Approved Locks

New 2015 Range

Anti-Theft Traveller's Backpacks & Luggage

25L Anti-Theft Day Pack
25L Anti-Slash Day Pack

Numinous GlobePacs
25L Day Pack

Numinous GlobePacs 25L DaySac - Ideal for days out and laying by the pool while travelling

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55L Anti-Theft Backpack
55L Anti-Slash Rucksack

Numinous GlobePacs
55L Travel Pack

Add the Numinous
GlobePacs 25L DaySac to
increase the volume to 80L

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65L Anti-Theft Backpack
65L Anti-Slash Rucksack

Numinous GlobePacs
65L Travel Pack

Add the Numinous
GlobePacs 25L DaySac to
increase the volume to 90L

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80L Anti-Theft Wheeled Luggage
80L Anti-Slash Wheeled Luggage

Numinous GlobePacs
Wheeled Luggage

Add the Numinous
GlobePacs 25L DaySac to
increase the volume to 105L

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Anti-Theft Features

Numinous Anti-Slash

Numinous Shield

Zip Technology

Numinous Anti-Slash Technology

All Numinous packs are protected by our Numinous Anti-Slash technology.

This ensures maximum protection against anyone trying to gain access to your belongings.

Numinous Shield Technology

Numinous shield combination locks allows you to securely fasten your Numinous to any fixed object whether a bunk bed or radiator in a dorm room to a parasol or sun lounger on the beach.

These locks are fully recodeable and give the end user the peace of mind when separated from their Numinous.

Anti-Puncture Zip Technology

All the main zips on your Numinous pack include anti-puncture technology.

This means they are puncture resistant to pen or tool attacks and allows you to fully protect your belongings when using the TSA zipper locks.

Travel Sentry Approved

We use TSA locks on all our products so you can securely lock your zips closed, and can only be opened again with your unique combination, which is set by you.

Using Travel Sentry® Approved locks also allows your luggage to be inspected by security authorities without being damaged.

Security screening at all US and Canadian airports, and now many others internationally, use TSA master keys so they can inspect and relock your rucksack without damage.

Kevlar Anti-Slash Technology Read More
Numinous Shield Technology Read More
Anti Puncture Zip Technology Read More
TSA Approved Locks Read More

About Numinous

Shield Lock

TSA Lock

Numinous News

Buy Numinous Backpacks at Go Outdoors


We are pleased to announce that Numinous Anti-Theft Backpacks are now being stocked in Go Outdoors for our UK followers. Happy travels!

Outdoor Retailer Market Anti-theft Backpack


SNews TV interviews Jason Lowe at the Outdoor Retailer Market 2015 in Las Vegas. Find out more why our anti-theft backpacks outstrip our competitors.

Gap Year Backpack with secure features


This gap year backpack encompasses the Numinous layered security system, which includes our Anti-Slash technology, TSA zip locks, anti-puncture zips and our Numinous Shield system which allows you to securely fix your rucksack to a dorm bed or fixed object. These features combined gives you all round peace of mind and keeps travel documents and personal belongings safe at any stage of your journey. For more details about this gap year secure backpack click here:

Gap Year 2015 backpack for worldwide travel


Selecting the ideal backpack to travel around the world can be one of the most important decisions a gap year student can make. This is why we believe the Numinous anti-theft backpack is the ideal choice with 4 enhanced security features: Anti-slash material, Anti-puncture zip, TSA secure locks and Numinous Shield protection. Click here to view our 65 litre anti-theft backpack:

Gap Year 2015 anti-theft backpack


Planning a gap year in 2015? The Numinous anti-theft backpack is the ideal choice for any gap year traveller looking for a secure travel companion. Click here to view our 65 litre anti-theft backpack

Anti theft backpack TSA instructions


Click this link to view how to use the TSA lock on the Numinous anti theft backpack

Anti theft backpack guide


Still looking for a great anti theft backpack, check this video out

110 Second Guide - Anti-theft Travel Backpacks!


Everything you need to know about Numinous Anti-theft Travel Backpacks! Numinous Packs Anti Theft Adventure Travel Rucksacks Featuring Anti-Slash Technology Anti-Puncture zips Numinous Dual shield wire locks Check out the video and enjoy:

Anti-theft backpack


Looking for an anti-theft backpack that is secure & ground breaking. The way to travel, protecting valuables, passports & travel documents at any stage of your gap year holiday. View our 55 litre backpack;

2015 International Travel Goods Show


See Numinous Backpacks in the flesh at the 2015 International Travel Goods Show Las Vegas

Grant Olsen review on Numinous Pack 65L


Grant Olsen recently reviewed the Numinous Backpack 65L for the top winter outdoor products. Check out his review here:

Anti-theft backpack technology


Our Numinous backpacks are brimming with the latest Anti-theft technology to help protect those important travel documents and belongings. Click here to learn about our anti-theft backpacks.

TSA Approved Backpack video


Watch the video on instructions how to use the TSA Approved backpack, click here

Anti-theft Backpack - Watch the video


You can now view Numinous Backpacks advert live on You Tube, click here to watch

Anti-theft Backpack - The adventure starts here


Looking for a great anti-theft backpack, look no further. Available in 4 different sizes, our backpacks are suitable for short and long-term trips. The ideal gap year travel companion, click here to view our 65 litre anti-theft backpack

Anti-Theft Backpack - Watch our video


Choosing the right anti-theft backpack can challenging, check out our video and see the full features of the Numinous Anti-Theft Backpacks. Backpacks designed by backpackers! Enjoy!

Backpack winners


Congratulations to @Christy Illman and @Catherine Sydenham, on being the 2014 winners of the ‪Christmas‬ ‪Giveaway‬! A set of Numinous Packs are winging their way to you!!! The girls won the competition by Liking our Facebook page and shared the competition post and won‬ a 65L and 25L Anti-theft travel backpack!! with a value of �269! Keep up to date with our backpack competitions at our Facebook page

New Back Pack review from Flying Dutch Girl


We are delighted to have a new review from the Flying Dutch Girl about our 65 Litre and the 25 Litre Back Pack. Check out there review for Gap Year travellers, it may just get you tempted.

Happy New Year to all gap year travellers


Happy New Year to all you gap year travellers. We hope you have a great trip in 2015 and please let us know what your highlights have been during your travels. Numinous Backpacks' team

Gap Year Backpack


Numinous Backpacks the essential Gap Year backpack that provides unrivalled security for Gap Year backpackers, avoiding every traveller's nightmare of being thousands of miles away from home with nothing but the clothes they are wearing.

The Numinous Backpacks offers Gap Year Travellers a layered security system which will deter potential thieves stealing the bag or removing the contents, leaving Gap Year travellers to explore and enjoy their travels, safe in the knowledge all their documents and personal belongings are completely safe. Read more

Numinous Backpacks Review


Numinous Backpacks was developed to keep gap year travellers belongings safe and secure whilst globetrotting! And the idea behind the backpacks was conceived on ;The beach; Koh Phi Phi whilst on a gap year! The backpacks encompass the Numinous layered security system, which includes our Kevlar Anti-Slash technology (stops people slashing into your packs), TSA zip locks (stops people unzipping your backpack), anti-puncture zips and our Numinous Shield system which allows you to securely fix your backpack to a dorm bed or fixed object. These backpack features combined protect you against: Dorm room theft Pickpockets Pirate busses People tampering with your backpack before border crossings! Believe us the last thing you want is to have your passport and visa stolen in south East Asia!

Backpack for Gap Year Travelling


Finding the right Gap year backpack has to be a must for a sabbatical of travelling, adventure, education and lots of overseas life experiences. Lets face it, you don't want to be dragging a suitcase around whilst exploring the Daintree Rainforest in Australia or the bustling streets of Bangkok. Your thinking needs to be more ruthless than it would be for a package holiday to Ibiza for example, be prepared with a gap year backpack from Numinous! Read more ....

Anti-Theft Backpack


Our Numinous backpacks are bulging with the latest Anti-theft technology to safe guard your important travel documents and belongings. Recent research shows that we carry £1,400 worth of electronics and smart devices when travelling abroad. Numinous Backpacks have a devised a unique complimentary security features ensuring everything is protected against theft at all times, leaving you more time to enjoy your adventures whilst away from home! For more information about our anti-theft features, please click here;

The Numinous backpack - enhanced security features


The Numinous backpack is a new range of backpacks with enhanced security features, available for the security conscious gap year traveller, adventure traveller or backpacker, with the aim of reducing the risk of crime or loss of possessions alongside the traditional role and features of a trusted backpack. Check out our biggest secure backpack for those long distant traveller.

Secure Backpacks now available at Amazon


Numinous secure backpacks are now available online at Amazon. Order your backpack today ready for Christmas 2014. Click here to Amazon;

Rucksack, the adventure starts here


We have found ourselves in an interesting variety of situations whilst experiencing the world; some good and some bad. Numinous Rucksacks are designed to combat the darker side of travelling, leaving you to truly enjoy what the world has to offer. Numinous Rucksacks protect you from the dreaded pirate buses, electronic identity theft, dodgy dorm room theft, shady smugglers at border crossings, and everyday street pickpockets.

Rucksack mission statement


Our mission is to provide gap year students, global travelers and adventure seekers with high quality, fashionable, safe and secure rucksacks which meet their specific needs. We aim to prevent our co-travelers from victim of crime and the loss of their possessions - read more at

Numinous Anit-Theft Backpacks Reviews


Numinous anti-theft backpack; Is this the most secure backpack ever? This backpack review is for all the backpackers and adventurous travellers out there. Read more:

80 Litre wheeled Rucksack


The 80 Litre wheeled Rucksack is our largest rucksack which encompasses TSA approved locks and secure anti-puncture zip protection. The 80 litre Rucksack also provides Kevlar Anti-Slash by protecting your belongings alongside and Numinous shield combination lock system allowing the rucksack to be strapped to a solid post or bed. Attach the Numinous 25 Litre DaySac to increase the volume to a whopping 105 litres. For more information about our 80 Litre wheeled rucksack

Numinous 55 Litre Rucksack


The Numinous 55 Litre Rucksack features Numinous Kevlar Anti-Slash technology with the Numinous shield combination lock system alongside TSA approved zip locks. There is also the option of attaching the Numinous 25 litre DaySac to increase the volume of the rucksack to 80 litre. For more information

25 litre Daysac


The Numinous 25L DaySac features Kevlar Anti-Slash technology supported by Numinous shield combination lock system and TSA approved zip locks. A great travel companion for city breaks, the daily commutes, or day trips whilst on holiday. For more information, check out

Numinous and African Children's Fund


Numinous have joined with UK charity African Childrens Fund to help support and donate to the great work they are doing in Africa. For every Numinous purchased we will be donating school dinners and breakfasts.

Numinous in North America


Numinous plans to unveil the new GlobePacs range to the North American market with the help of US Distribution group Easy Earth. Numinous Packs will be exhibiting at the Winter Outdoor Retailer show between the 21st and 24th of January 2015! Visit us at Booth BR322

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